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Workshop & Lab Schedule

Teacher Training, PMA Approved Continuing Education, and workshops for personal growth

In-Person Teacher Training

& CEC Workshops


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$50 early registration discount is available per CEC workshop if registered 3 weeks prior.  Contact us to register.

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Weekend I:  Fundamentals, Mechanics & Movement Skills

March 18 & 19

all are welcome to attend!

Anatomy I w/ Jonathan Oldham

March 20th

all are welcome!


Weekend II:  Progression of Skills I 

April 8-10

Anyone with a Beginner 2+ level of Classical Pilates may attend. 

Weekend III:  Progression of Skills II

April 23 & 24

Those with Intermediate+ Classical Pilates experience may attend

Weekend IV:  Transitioning to Advanced Levels 

May 13 & 14

Pilates instructors or those w/ permission may attend

Anatomy II w/ Jonathan Oldham

May 15th

Anatomy I or instructor permission required to attend

Advanced Eloquence

June 3-5

must have permission of instructor to attend.

Our programs and courses are Approved & Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.

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Teacher Training

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