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The best thing about pilates was the way it changed my life

Here's what one of our clients had to say about classes at Functional Strength Pilates:

I HAD CHRONIC BACK PAIN following two discectomies. I always ached and was limited in what activities I could do without triggering something. I had shrunk about a 1/4 inch in height, which I thought was permanent from the removal of discs. Within a year I had not only gained my lost height back, but also 'grew' another 1/4 inch. All from decompressions I got from Pilates.

I'm also able to do activities I couldn't because of the new core stabilization I had developed. Pilates is awesome, but I don't know that I would have had the success I have had I not taken it up at Functional Strength.


I've done lots of fitness classes in my life but none with teachers so focused on proper body mechanics and working your body.


What you can expect from taking our mat classes and one-on-one sessions:



but High Intensity Workout

  • You will sweat and shake, because you'll be moving muscles in your body you hardly ever used before taking our classes.


  • But your knees and joints will love you!


  • After class? You'll feel relaxed, centered, and loose.

organic pilates2014-85.jpg


No Injuries!

Learn to move your body better -- without hurting yourself.


Our Classical Pilates training has turned the theory of "No pain, no gain" on its head. If you hurt or sprain something in one of our classes, that means you're doing it wrong which means we're doing it wrong (...and we don't do that)!

Our instructors are all classically trained and certified so that you get expert workouts every time, every class.




Work all aspects of your entire body, not just a few isolated muscles.

Here's what you'll experience:

  • Natural muscle balance

  • Muscle control

  • Proper positioning

  • Increased range of motion

  • Muscle lengthening - many people get 'taller' after repeated work-outs

What Other People Have to Say About Functional Strength Pilates Classes

Let your body experience the amazing difference of Classical Pilates.
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