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Our unique, hands-on style of mentoring provides you with the most solid start for your Classical Pilates education.
Our Level I program will train you to the Intermediate Level on Classical Pilates repertoire and teaching skills and will give you an understanding of the philosophy behind the work. Included in this program are 10 hours of formal Anatomy training, which is integrated into our repertoire weekends.  This program is 6 months long, and is roughly half of our Level II program.  
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Teacher Training Level One

Program Includes:

  • All required workshops

  • Use of studio for all internship hours: practice teaching, working out, observation

  • Regular Meetings w/ your Mentor

  • FREE classes (on a space-available basis)

  • Forum discussion groups, twice per month

  • Written and Practical exams

  • 15% discount on all studio services for the duration of the program

*Not included in tuition price:  books, private or group lessons, teaching labs, optional program extensions  (available to those who want more time to complete their program).

Program Requirements

Total: 500 hours.
56 hrs. – Pilates Workshops & Anatomy Training
110 hrs. – Observation In Studio
15 hrs. – Observation of Advanced Level Sessions
150 hrs. – Practice Teaching
60 hrs. – Regular Lessons*
75 hrs. – Individual Workouts
30 hrs. – Home Study & Special Projects
3 – Mentor Meetings
4 – Practical Tests
2 – Written Tests
1– Teaching Lab*

2022 Tuition

In our program, there is ONE flat tuition rate that covers the whole program!  You will not be 'nickle and dimed' into paying more for your education*. 

Fall 2022 Tuition

Register by August 15 for $300 Discount!
Registration now open! 
Contact us for details

Payment Plans available. 

Requirements are to be completed within 6 months of beginning mentorship. 
*Option to continue to Level II with no overall price increase, if decision is declared by mid-November.

Participants may elect to have more time in their mentorship for additional fees.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be qualified to take the PMA test to become an internationally certified Pilates Instructor.

Certification tests are administered by a third party and we have no control over the outcome, however to-date our students & grads have a 100% pass rate! 
Our programs and courses are Approved & Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board.


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Teacher Training

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