We are approved by the State of Colorado as a Private Occupational School and offer an in-depth curriculum that has been approved by multiple experienced Pilates Instructors in private peer review.  Our programs are FUN, engaging, and often life-changing. 

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Classical Pilates Teacher Training:

Level II:  1,000 hrs/ 12 months

Level I:  500 hrs./6 months

Pilates Continuing Education

Weekend workshops, Teaching Labs

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Approved & Regulated by the Colorado Deparment of HIgher Education, Private Occupational School Board.


Mentorship Philosophy

We develop teachers who are skilled, inspired and confident!





We are committed to your education and work with you to ensure your understanding.

In addition to regular meetings with your mentor, our program director leads a twice per month discussion group (included in tuition, no additional charge!).  These structured opportunities for communication provide you with support to stay on track with the self-directed aspects of your learning and feedback as you develop new skills. Our discussion group is a great place to connect with other students, participate in group explorations, follow up on homework assignments and more! 

Our experienced mentors track your progress throughout the program and are always available for answering questions, providing guidance, advice and feedback, to help you troubleshoot any bumps in the road.

We give you a push when you need it and are here to cheer you on!


We mentor our students.
Our training programs reflect our view that a rich understanding of the material, a full 'toolbox' of teaching skills and a strong personal practice add up to a successful, enjoyable, and long-lived career!

Beginning at square one, we teach you about the skills, choreography & teaching skills of the Classical Pilates repertoire on all apparatus.  This builds to the most advanced levels. Throughout the process, we explore the philosophy behind the work and the development of teaching skills while giving you opprotunities for one on one attention to develop your own skills. 

Long-term Career Happiness!

Your initial training is a crucial part of the journey. But it is just the beginning. Once this initial foundation of knowledge is laid, our long-term teaching success and happiness come down to our skill at conveying our knowledge and our ability to continually circle back through our understanding and developing experience to find fresh perspectives. 

For this reason, our programs place heavy emphasis on the philosophy behind the work and the development of teaching skills.

We are small!
With limited enrollment, our programs are smaller than most.
This guarantees you will get the attention & guidence you want!


Basic Training


Teacher Training


Professional Development

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